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Carolyn Chambers Clark's Fiction Books

Welcome to Fiction Books by Carolyn Chambers Clark
(and sometimes in collaboration with Anthony Auriemma)

Here you'll find mysteries, romances, fantasies, forensics, a Wimbledon tennis story, vampires who dance, dog stories, ghosts, military women in charge stories, romantic comedies, and historical adventures. No vivid sex scenes and no horrofic violence or swearing.

Highly recommended for readers age 14 and up.

Find them all for sale at Smashwords by clicking the link that follows:


MySummerasanAuPair.jpgJMySummerasanAuPair.jpgenna Wentworth, UW-Madison freshman must move to California and lose a year of school or get a job and pay her own board, room, and tuition.

Stressed by her mother's threat, Jenna has to weigh the consequences of striking out on her own as an au pair and pretend to be married to pay for school expenses, or returning to the familiarity of her mother's money and domination. To complicate matters, two cool guys vie for Jenna's affection.

CANDYMURDERANDME.jpgCANDY, MURDER, AND ME is an 80,000-word cozy mystery set in Florida, in and around a dress design company, which co-stars Sigmund Freud, a psychoanalyst dachshund.

When full-figure dress designer and candy addict Cookie Berelli discovers the PI she hired to clear her of embezzlement charges dead in her design studio, she investigates, to wacky results. For example, is Eugene Gemstone involved? After all, he is her number one fabric cutter at Florida Fashions, and he did start acting overemotional after he wore one of the dresses she designed into the ladies’ room at Chez Riso and got arrested. He's especially suspect now that he's disappeared with all of Cookie's candy stash. Then again, it could be that cute PI, Andy Shea, who shows up at the funeral of her dead PI, and makes her hear the love song from GONE WITH THE WIND in her head, or it could be just about anyone else on the planet.

Everyone's starting to look suspicious now, especially Yuri Yarutski, who owns a sports bar in the bad part of town and wants to go a few rounds with Cookie, the woman who lives in a tree (who in Florida can live without air conditioning?), and even Bernadette Humphreys of Bernie's Tattoos who comes up with the weirdest body art. Okay, yes, Cookie did find the body, in fact two of them,and so she has to clear herself, but does that mean the murderer has to go after her?

Recipes from her Norwegian and Italian heritage including Grandma Berelli’s Pralines (“Worth going to jail for”), Cookie’s Maple Candies (“So good they’re criminal”), Nana’s Kringlas (“To kill for”), Cookie's Chocolate Cover-Up Fudge ("Perfect for spying activities"), and Blood Red Spaghetti Sauce with Bad Boy Meatballs, among others, are available throughout the story to break up the mayhem.


In this coming of age story, high school senior, Jane Lloyd, is forced to try out for JANE EYRE, the school play so she can get into Columbia University and carry on family tradition and when Dad's job gets down-sized, she also has to take a part-time job as a car hop to help with finances. As the year progresses, she learns more than she ever counted on about boys, rootbeer and kisses.

When she dates the class hottie and discovers his horrible secret, she has to take action, but if she takes the wrong stand against him, she'll endanger her chances of getting into college in the fall.


When Sara Webster gets framed for stealing the answers to the psych midterm, she texts The Almighty for help and gets it.

As long as Sara answers a few pesky emails, she'll be free to use her
new powers to become beautiful, popular, have all the great clothes,
get classmate and cafeteria tormentors off her back, get all A's, and
date that new hot boy everybody wants. That's the fun part. She also has to
decide whether to help her parents with their failing diner, do something
to stop her best friend's mom from drinking, bring the warring junior
prom committee together, and help the down-trodden maintenance staff
at school. Her real dilemma is how she can do all of these things, still
get good grades in school, and not anger the Almighty.

Winner Virginia Romance Writers Paranormal Romance Contest!

Sydney Tyler’s in for a big surprise when Brinkley, after-life guide, sends her back to Earth to find out how and why she died. He cautions her not to get involved with the deputy in charge of her case or face dire consequences.

So like Sydney, she totally ignores his warning. This decision puts her in the middle of an impossible choice: use her powers to find love with the handsome mortal or risk losing her chance to move up to a higher order. Either way, her new found power could end up consuming her, if evil, in the form of a black cloud she can’t seem to control, doesn’t get her first.

Humorous, spicy and alluring, this potential otherworldly investigations series fuses romance and mystery.

In this romantic fantasy, Adam might be a cowboy, the man of Kelly Porter's dreams, or an angel who's up to his eyeballs in Heavenly trouble. With the Heavenly clock ticking, Kelly has to find out and Adam has to prove to his bosses that he can help her find a man who will set her on the right track again.

But...will she fall for Adam or the real man of her dreams?

THAT'S AMORE's a midlife, lady lit tale with plenty of twists and a strong female character trying to find her way in life.

Two married psychologists available to their clients 24/7, haven't had sex with each other in...well, too long and all their friends are getting divorced. Are they next? Only her best friend, Lulu, has a solution. But her family, ex-boyfriend, and a hunky stranger who turns out to be more, interfere. Now it's up to Angela to fix things and decide what she really wants.


Their daughters grown and off on their own, Mark and Mandy Witherton move into their dream house in Florida. This should be the perfect time for nonstop lovemaking.

But… Mark and Mandy can’t seem to get together---now that Mark took early retirement and is either moping around the house, or starting impossible projects, and always driving Mandy nuts in this romantic comedy. Against all odds, he wants to replace the tiles in the bathroom, then he takes her fishing in the middle of a tornado, then they’re nearly killed by either a shark or a killer whale (nobody is quite sure), and there’s their line dancing teacher who won’t keep her hands off Mark until Mandy figures a way.

If that’s not enough, one of their daughters is planning an impossible outdoor medieval wedding on a mountaintop while simultaneously having an affair with her sister’s husband.

Time for Mark and Mandy to pack up, go back to Upstate New York and fix things. But do they complicate the wedding or help? A little of both...

Wedding over and back in Florida, will All’s Well That End’s Well be Mark and Mandy's motto as they find a way to execute an unforgettable afternoon of lovemaking. Or, will they have the fight of their life and realize their marriage is crumbling.

In VERTICAL STRIPES CAN KILL YOU, a cozy mystery, Alexa Robb, top dress designer, peers across the hall from the ladies’ room at Super-Sized is Beautiful Florida Fashions and overhears a conversation about industrial espionage. She creeps closer and views a murder taking place in her fitting room. After the unknown killer sees her, she’s just a loose end for him to tie.

She’s shaking in her couture boots, sure she’ll be the next victim. To elude the killer, she tries a wig and sunglasses, but everyone recognizes her. She does the only thing she can think of---find him first.

She dresses as her non-existent twin brother, Alex, so the murderer can’t identify her. Meanwhile, she must convince the detective in charge of the case she knows what she’s talking about, fend off the advances of gay guys and interested females, stay away from the company gossip, and work things out with her dachshund who growls and snaps at her when she’s dressed as a man. If she doesn’t watch out, the next dead body could be hers.

Includes Alexa's prize-winning Italian Vegetarian Tomato Sauce

WimbledonDreams.jpgSixteen-year-old Sarah Jane Witherspoon would sooner date a toad then live in London her junior year, but when her father takes a teaching job there, she and mother and brother are forced to follow. To get in with the in-crowd in her new school, she quotes from a book on local slang she found in the house they're staying in, and joins the competition to become a ball girl at the most prestigious event in tennis—Wimbledon—even though she’s tall and lanky and uncoordinated.

Despite an older brother who teases her mercilessly, an overprotective father, and a male ball-girl instructor who acts like an Army sergeant, she must somehow gain enough muscle and know-how to make the team, becoming the first non-Brit to ever be a ball girl. Encountering obstacles and challenges at every turn, she never gives up, but will it be enough to make real her fantasy of meeting the Queen of England and meeting the boy of her dreams.

LoveChangesEverything.jpgIn LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING, thirty-year-old New Jersey born, New York employed Cassie Morgan has everything she could want—except a job she likes, an apartment she can afford, and the right man to love.

When Cassie's boyfriend runs off to marry her roommate, Cassie can't afford to keep her apartment any more. When she can’t find a roommate to share expenses, she's forced to move in with a fashion designer and a chef who make it their mission to teach her how to cook, dress for success, deal with her sister-in-law's breast cancer surgery while being surrogate Mom for her
nephew, and win back an old college love whom she hasn’t seen in years. The only problem is--dating him breaks her cardinal rule.

Now she has to decide whether to move on or break her rule and find love.

EscapingtheFire.jpgIt's 1669 in this romantic adventure, and feisty Isobel de Toledo is betrothed to be married to the son of a rich landowner when she learns people in her Seville, including her friends, are being burned at the stake.

Outraged, she joins a revolutionary group of ladies of intrigue and danger, healers and others who question the Church's preoccupation with sexual crimes and women who heal, shaking her very values and birthright.

Based on historical events, ESCAPING THE FIRE (80,000 words) spans two continents and tells the story of how Isobel flees her homeland with a Richard, a handsome sailor who saves her from being burned at the stake. They marry and board a ship setting sail for the New World. On the trip, they encounter frightful storms, on-board fires, the birth of their first child, murderous Jamaican Indians, and a female pirate and her partner who take over their ship.

Will love be enough to guide her when they reach the New World?

ForensicsbytheNumber.jpgForensic Examiner Book Review from the Winter 2012/Spring 2013 issue, by Julie Brooks, Senior Editor.

Forensics By the Numbers: A Jewel Conner Mystery is based on the science
and investigative practices of our nation’s forensic experts. Drawing on
their experiences as a forensic nurse examiner and weapons renovation
specialist, Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma weave a
tale of intrigue that gives readers an inside peek into the world of foren-
sic investigation.

Written from the perspective of forensic nurse, Jewel Conner, Forensics By the Numbers provides a realistic story grounded in the experiences of someone from the field of forensics.

As a New York City forensic nurse examiner, Jewel Conner understands all too well why New York is known as “the city that never sleeps.” On her way home from yet another late night shift collecting evidence and examining a domestic violence victim, Jewel gets a call from her boss. Paramedics brought in another victim. Alive, but barely. Back-to-back shifts are common in Jewel’s line of work, but this case is different. The victim is her best friend—District Attorney, Sara Jenkins.

In her fifteen years as a forensic nurse examiner, Jewel has examined
women of all types, but she has never before been faced with examining
a friend. However, being a professional, Jewel collects evidence and
questions Sara until, to Jewel’s horror, Sara goes into cardiac arrest.
When Sara dies on the operating table, Jewel vows to find her friend’s
killer. Before Jewel can even begin her investigation, another victim
is found attacked in the same manner as Sara. Then another one of
Jewel’s friends goes missing.

When clues begin to point to a convicted serial killer Jewel helped
put away, she begins to fear that the killer will be coming after her
next. In order to focus on her work and solve the case, Jewel is forced
to fight back some haunting memories from her past. The lead detec-
tive of the investigation agrees to give Jewel protection, but refuses to
give her access to information or make her a part of the official case.

Not one to give up, Jewel seeks help from her husband, Burk, the
millionaire software developer with a mysterious past he refuses to
talk about. The pair of newlywed sleuths and their loyal German
Shepherd uncover a tangled web of facts that casts suspicion on
some unexpected people.

Burk is able to track down some clues to the case through sources
he won’t divulge, which raises a few questions in Jewel’s mind about
the man she married. While Burk consults a network of inscrutable
informants, Jewel uses the science of forensics to find the killer
before he can kill again. Between the threatening messages and
enigmatic clues they’ve uncovered, Jewel and Burk realize they can’t
trust anyone to help them. They soon find themselves running not
only from the killer but the police as well. Jewel and Burk are in a
race for survival. Will they be able to find the killer before he finds
them? This book provides a suspenseful conclusion that few readers
will see coming.

Veteran authors Carolyn Chambers Clark and Anthony Auriemma
have created a fast-paced story full of surprising plot twists. The
authors deftly interweave the main thread of the story with the
underlying issues of everyday life. The characters are well thought-
out and complex. Jewel is a tenacious investigator who really cares
for the victims she is trying to help. Her husband Burk provides the
anchor of support Jewel needs to remain grounded and optimistic.

Clark and Auriemma provide a book that offers a real understanding of the work of forensic examiners while providing an entertaining storyline and dashes of humor. They describe the culture and tactics of this world vividly and with an attention to detail that gives readers a better understanding of this captivating field. Gripping from page one, this book will keep you guessing until the very end.

DarkForces.jpgIn DARK FORCES, Dr. Amanda Christensen, a forensics specialist spends her days and nights in Sarasota, FL., helping bring brutalizers and murderers to justice. But, as the case proceeds, she realizes the homicide detective she must work with doubts her ability, and a vicious man from her past could be involved.

As Amanda and her partner move closer to the terrifying motive that underlies these murders, the
killer brings all his dark forces into the open.

THESHEFFIELDSECRET.jpgMajor Jacqueline Hudson, undercover agent, is sent to Mexico to find out the connection between an explosion, an unidentifiable disease, and the Pope. When Jacqueline becomes the target, she must go on the run without enough information to decide whether her old friend, Captain Tim Whittington, is part of the solution or part of the problem.


Ann Whitney's in love with her scruffy, Pulitzer-Prize winning, investigative reporter husband. All is well in her world until a plane crashes over Dubrovnik.

When she learns it was carrying the Secretary of Energy and executives from telecommunication, banking, and energy, and her investigative reporter husband, she sets out to find out what happened. When it's reported as an accident, Ann realizes information is being withheld.

She can't just sit by and do nothing, so she tracks down the husband of the Secretary of Energy and together they set out to find the real story.

It could be the Air Force, the Boznians, a pilot who's gone terrorist or crazy, the CIA, The Pentagon, the President of the United States, or someone else closer to home.

When they are blocked, chased, and nearly killed, Ann realizes the truth is worse than she thought. The hunt is on for them and time is running out...but clues emerge that her husband may not be dead.

OUTOFBODY.jpgCassidy Courtland, family therapist, is dead.
Or so she thinks. Come to find out she’s only out of body…temporarily. Now she’s got to figure out who killed her and how to keep her eight-year-old daughter safe. Good thing her sister’s up to the task...unless her husband's part of the problem.
Cassidy’s got a slight memory block, but who wouldn’t? Lucky she’s got Sergeant Jeremy O’Hare, on the case. Too bad he’s so attractive. Hard for a girl to keep her mind on the case. When the murderer comes after her daughter, Cassidy must make some important decisions so she and her daughter can survive.

ArmedandDangerous.jpgIntelligence officer and ace motorcyclist, Captain Caitlin Stanwyck’s been handpicked for a special assignment to investigate the deaths of twenty U.S. women who died suspiciously in a U.S. Military Hospital in Germany.

Major Keller, her old nemesis, keeps turning up at every twist and turn of the investigation, and she can’t help wonder what game he’s playing. When a hired assassin starts taking out the witnesses and puts Caitlin in the cross hairs of his weapon, she finds evidence that Keller may be drawing her into the swirling waters of seduction and deception. Can she trust him after he’s lied to her so many times?

With the clock ticking, the action takes her across Europe and Asia as she tries to unravel the mystery of why the women were killed and stay alive herself.

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