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COPD/Lung Congestion and Lung Cancer

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Your lungs are precious and they deserve care and love. Pollution/pollutants, allergies (check out that page, too on this website), restricted breathing, overweight, insufficient fluids, posture and more can contribute to lung conditions.

Ways to improve lung function include: breathing exercises, touch, supplements, exercise, weight loss, affirmations, and managing your environment

Breathing exercises:

* Practice brething from your abdomen, or at least your diaphragm. Many of us breathe shallow, in our upper chest and do not use our full lung function. put one hand on your abdomen, and when you exhale, let your abdomen push against your hand in a gentle manner. Don't force this, just let it happen
* Alternate nostril breathing can help, also. Put your thumb over your right nostril and inhale through your left nostril, then put your index finger over your left nostril and exhale through your right nostril. then inhale through your right nostril and exhale through your left nostril. Do this slowly and easily, building up to 20 times upon arising and 20 before sleep. This is also relaxing, and can be used to calm down.

* Sing aloud--in the shower, while outside, or with the radio in your car or at home. aim to hold the notes at the end of a line for a longer time each singing session.

Supplements that could help; be sure not to take them at the same time you take medications; most supplements are best taken with food, but don't take b vitamins while talking minerals

*Take pantothenic acid, a B-vitamin, known to help with asthma and other conditions that interrupt easy breathing. Taking a b-complex vitamin won't work; you have to use only pantothenic acid. Some people notice an immediate clearing of their lungs and breathing ability. Follow the directions on the label. Find this at your health food store or online.

Vitamin C can help with lung congestion; try calcium ascorbate crystals. Start with 1 teaspoon stirred into a glass of water. If you don't obtain immediate relief, try another half or full teaspoon. This is especially helpful if the cause of lung congestion is bacteria or a virus; to kill either, you have to reach the level that will kill them; since you can't identify the bacteria or virus, you can gradually up the amount until you obtain relief. Caution: this can soften or loosen your bowels if you go over the amount your body can absorb so up the dosage slowly. Best to take this at least one hour prior to or after eating a meal.

Vitamins A, B-complex, C and E are helpful; find a good vitamin capsule  for each and take it daily with meals or as directed on the bottle. 

Lose Weight; aim to weigh what you weighed in high school; every extra pound puts pounds of stress on your lungs, heart, joints and blood pressure.

* Lose weight if you're overweight; this can not only help with lung function, but can help with back and joint pain, heart conditions, cancer and more... (See Permanent Weight Loss e-book in column to your left.)

Manage your Environment for better Breathing

* Make sure you open a window in a room that smells of mold or any other smell.

* Obtain sufficient Vitamin D, either through taking D3 or expose your arms and face to direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes (only) twice a week. (More exposure is needed for darker-skinned people.) Take vitamin D3 as a secondary response if can't get out in the sunshine.

* Avoid tobacco smoke, sprays of all kinds, strong chemicals (varnish, shellac, etc.)  and other pollutants you know irritate your breathing, clog your nostrils or give you a headache.

* It may be difficult to avoid all pollutants, but by taking milk thistle capsules (silymarin) you can stimulate detoxifying pathways in your body.

Exercise daily; start slow and build up

* Exercise daily to decrease pain, emotional stress, improve oxygen uptake, sleep better, and think more clearly. First, walk around the house every half hour. When you've mastered that, go outside and walk down your walk, working up to walking around the block when you're ready, and then gradually add more mileage day by day. With exercise, you'll get strongerr every day.

* You can even exercise while sitting in a chair or lying in bed. Lift your armgs above your head, straight out at shoulder level, and down toward your feet. Repeat for as many times as you can comfortably do. Add deep breathing while doing it; expanding your chest up and out, breathing in happiness and exhaling with a smile.

Put Hope and Strength to your Goals with Affirmations:

* By saying affirmations daily, your brain can influence your body: here are some for lungs: I breathe in life easily and let it flow through me, and I love life and live it to the fullest.

Eat a Large Salad of these Foods at Least Once a Day: Hungry? Have a salad as a snack.

* foods that may be helpful including eating salads composed of leafy greens (parsley, arugala, chickor, spinch, collards, kale, or turnip greens) and broccoli.

* Foods that increase lung congestion include dairy foods and meat. reduce your intake or eliinate them completely for best results.

Obtain Sufficient Touch

*Ask for 10 or 20 hugs a day from people you trust just to maintain your current situation; more touch if you are trying to overcome a lung condition.

*Get a massage once a week or exchange massages with a significant other. Exchanging foot massages are good, too. The foot is believed to have energy points for most body areas, including the lungs. Look up Foot Reflexology on the internet and find charts and directions for using them

Click on these links to get you started:


All of the above are helpful for lung cancer. In addition,

* Sprinkle the spice, curcumin (turmeric) on your salads and into your cooking; this substance stops cancer cells from growing, but unlike chemotherapy, the spice leaves healthy cells alone. Add black pepper, which helps your body assimilar turmeric more easily. CAUTION: use non-irradiated brands from your health food store or online.

* Leafy green salads are protective against cancer, but folic acid fortification in cereals and other foods is associated with cancer.

* Drink green tea; it's protective against cancer; dairy products can decrease the helpful effect of green tea, so separate their intake by several hours; other teas that can be soothing are raspberry leaf or ginger.

* Maitake mushrooms help to normalize the immune system to help fight off cancer.

* Drink pomegrante juice or use the extract of that fruit, which can significantly inhibit lung tumors.

* Cut out all sugars; tumor cells feed on it; use stevia, a natural sweetener with  healing qualities and no calories; find it at your local health food store or online at www.iherb.com; the liquid form is easiest to use.

* Accupressure and therapeutic touch can enhance well-being and counter nausea and vomiting induced by chemotherapy

* Check out the Cancer e-book to your left.


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Think positive and you'll be positive!

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